Like my personal relationships in my life, I want my relationships with my clients to be sincere, invested, and unique to every single one.  

That being said, I want to make sure I am able to allot adequate time start-to-finish to each session, whether it be an afternoon portrait session, editorial shoot, or nuptials.

Questions I often get asked:

Do you do portrait sessions?

Yes! I love documenting people in their rawest, most natural state and environment.  Whether they are personal photos for your own website, a family portrait, or an album cover, I'd love to see if we are a good fit to capture that.   I want to hear your vision, who and what your shoot might entail, and how we can make it happen that is best for you.  Please email me for rates.

Can I contact you for my wedding?

I'm a sucker for love and all of lifes biggest moments; always have been. (Anyone who knows me well will say it's probably just a ridiculous devotion to 'Billie Jean' and receptions in general.) Echoing what was mentioned above in regards to time integrity, because I care so deeply about each client and the notion of 'quality over quantity', I only take a select amount of weddings a year.  Please email me directly for current packages and availability.

How about editorial and commercial work?

100%.  These are the kinds of projects I live for, because they are ever-changing, allow me to meet a variety of characters, all while attempting to emulate the original vision of the brand. I love working with small businesses and large companies alike!  Please email me the assignment or inquiry for rates.

Are you available for travel?

Twist my arm -- I've always got a bag packed.  Seriously, look in the hatchback of my car. (Actually, don't.) Some of the best experiences I've had in my career have been those where I am forced outside of my comfort zone with a lens in tow.  I fully embrace the challenge of capturing the magnitude of a new city's beauty, people, and culture, while simultaneously telling the story of those whom I am with.  Humans in their most comfortable habitat is one of my favorite things to capture.  However, I think the juxtaposition of familiar faces in a foreign setting is one of the core reasons I decide to lug a camera around throughout this sweet life in the first place.

Is this what you do full time?

In an effort to be both honest with my myself and fair to my clients, I have officially dedicated myself whole heartedly to my craft.  I split my time between photography and as the creative director of linyage, which fills my well to the absolute brim in all the best ways.  After years of full time jobs, learning what a 401k and job security was like, multiple part time gigs, and so on, I continue to come back to all things creative.  Alas, this is where my heart sings the loudest and where I chose to give my energy into, because the output is always tenfold.