taylor + bryan | minneapolis engagement

It's hard to come up with the right words when describing my clients – I often feel like a broken record. But I cannot emphasize enough just how much I adore them, every new one.

I recently met up with Taylor and Bryan, whose wedding I have the honor of documenting next summer. We first met at Tin Fish at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, a place very near and dear to their hearts; one of their favorite date spots and their very first home just a stones throw away (and in the background of many of their images). It's safe to say that anyone who has a love for a dog that runs as deeply as that for their partner is likely an incredible person, and Taylor and Bryan are proof of this notion. After winning Lucy in an auction bidding war (that story deserves a blog post all it's own), it's clear that when these two fight for love – each other or a canine – the rewards come back in spades.

There's just a certain cadence to these two, one that you want to hear and be a part of. I am so thrilled and grateful that they've allowed me along the way to capture the very notes of it all. Next July can't come soon enough.