a fragrant reminder of honest and true.

Far too often, more so as of recently with the constant inundation of information via social media, marriage gets the bad rap.  Wedding platforms are both skyrocketing in popularity due to creative freedom and inspiration, yet in conversations marriage is spoken about with a somewhat beguiling voice. 

One of the very reasons I continue to document these significant days is because of couples like Dan and Stacie; two individuals whose love is inextricably abundant.  Where everything you heard to be tried and true about the goodness of matrimony is not only reiterated, but imbues hope. 

On a crisp fall day in October, these two vowed to one another in a setting that's juxtaposition was as beautiful as the individuals themselves. With the enormity of the Minneapolis landscape behind us, enveloped in a familiar buildings and the palpable buzz of city patrons, the ceremony took place with only 6 people as witnesses. The intimacy of the group was emphatic enough to cancel out any surrounding noise; it's as if the world paused for these two. It's clear that intention and loyalty are common denominators in the couples' arsenal, as made clear by not only the vows spoken but those they chose to witness them.  Without a doubt, they have learned by humble example.

As the ceremony wrapped up, we simply crossed the bridge to join Dan and Stacie's 100+ closest friends, who would welcome them into Aster Cafe, where the couple had their first date some time ago.  Just as noteworthy as the evident love just moments before, the hand chosen guests woven together created a sheath of history, with noteworthy influences in Dan and Stacie's life in every corner, as well as those who know the two as a couple -- who know them as an entity in themselves.

This was the last wedding of the 2015 season for me, and I can't help but believe that it was for a reason. While I continue to choose to turn an ear to anything other than positive notations about the sanctity of what it all means, it's still just as refreshing to find couples like this one.  Nothing contrived and every bit purposeful, it was a wedding that directly followed suit to the couple.  

For me, that is reason enough to continue keeping the faith.