Some individuals gain notoriety for a specific look. A behavior, phrase or even hand gesture. Very few people are equipped to hold the weight that comes with being inimitable for more reasons than one can count, furthermore for being themselves; especially one that has undoubtedly been referred to in her day as a "pintsized powerhouse".




 And with such an eminence, one may think aloof to be synonymous. This couldn't be further from the truth of my dear friend and crony in all things creative, Jenni David. (Also known and referred to as 'JD'. As recognizable a name as any individual who need only go by an acronym or one name to suffice, a la Madonna.)  Immediately after my very first meeting Jenni a few years back, I found myself having coffee with people before I remember agreeing to.  Reaching out to professionals before fully devouring their resume to ensure I was first in line. Receiving opportunities for shoots and collaborations that felt entirely too high up on a shelf where I had placed them in their proverbial mason jars of "hopes".  All because if Jenni said its worthwhile, no arguments. It must be true because she never proves it to be any other way.

But that's just the affect JD has on people whom she seems potential in, often times seeing said potential much before they are able to themselves.   Nothing in the realm of clairvoyancy, but instead one of the small handful of people who cross your path, who hold the match with enough vigor and experience to strike it well before others would see the need for the heat.  I've never quite understood how I got so lucky to have such a person in my corner-- her resume is truly one to write home about, as well as anyone else you've got in the roladex of "people to mention all great things I've done or have thought about doing to".  Spending over a decade as a producer at the well-acclaimed Fallon, as well as many other notable collaborations and an ever-growing roster, Jenni has recently stepped out on her own, proving that resilience and a why behind your decisions are only as powerful as the voice behind it. Stand rooted in your own two feet, and be scrappy as all hell. Take the experiences, meet the strangers.  She continually reminds me to speak up and with intention, because even the most prominent mistakes are worthwhile when there is genuine effort and a lesson to be had.  She has taught about the dignity that comes with risk, and I cannot imagine what other bits of advice I will pick up along the way as our friendship grows.

Whether it be subtle or blunt, no smoke is being blown. She may very well be currently plotting out who she can connect next to fill in eachothers' gaps with their talents, likely resulting in a booming and necessary business that is yet to be invented.

And soon enough Kevin Bacon's degrees will become less and less; if only I could find out that I was lucky enough to have her in my very own gene pool.